Friday, May 24, 2013

My Favorite Super Hero

My favorite super hero is SPIDER-MAN. I chose SPIDER-MAN because He has one of my favorite colors on his suit and I like to climb. When I was little I would jump off the couch trying to figure out a way to swing webs like him. I found out he wasn't real after I watched the second movie and he would never come to my house when I would write letters to him like Santa Clause. Obviously he didn't come so I knew he wasn’t real but he is still my favorite I wish I could get all his comics so I could know Spiderman better than anyone. His villains are very bad in their own way but my favorite villain out of all of them is carnage or the Carnage Symbiote. He shared a cell with Eddie Brock (Venom Symbiote)Carnage had to serve 11 life sentences for being a psychopathic Serial killer. After Eddie escaped ( the venom symbiote does not bond to only one host) he left some of the symbiote in the cell which it then bonded with Carnage making Spider man’s worst villain yet. Everybody knows how the Spiderman creation happened so I am not going to explain it. Venom (Eddie Brock) on the other hand is extremely bad as well. It started when a meteor came down on earth from space. It contained a very odd alien we now know as the venom symbiote.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favorite Picture Book

I never really had one but one I do like is called Froggy Goes To The Doctor. It took away fear of the doctor. One time I was going to the doctor and I was scared when they were gonna hit me in the knee with the hammer thing and I punched the doctor in the face. It was obviously an accident but my mom fell to the floor dying. I like that book because it was the first book I have ever read.

Dancing (Melbourne Shuffle)

Dancing to me is like an expression of yourself. I know because I have danced most of my life and I know what it feels like. Dancing is not an easy thing to learn but it is alot of fun. I learned how to dance at the age of five and i think im pretty good at it. It took me about five years to master shuffling but No one really knows about this kind of dance and thats why im talking about it right now so you can talk about and we can get shuffling back into a big thing. For so long I have loved dancing and i hope you guys share it with others

Melbourne Shuffle            Shuffle      Jumpstyle (Dj Hawk is my cuz)